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What is a doula?

A doula is ideally someone who can be a normal part of any birthing team. Offering a holistic non-medical support to the pregnant woman and partner. A doula will support any birth option that is right for parents, whether that be a drug free birth or caesarean, through to breast versus bottle feeding. It is not the role of doula to judge or give personal opinions, rather support and offer education and unbiased knowledge on all different sorts of birthing and parenting options.


How does my partner work with a doula?

Partners and fathers need support throughout pregnancy and birth. A doula can offer information and education on pregnancy and the birth experience. During the birth, partners can have a “guilt free” break, knowing that the doula is in the birthing space, supporting their partner. This ensures the partner can be the best support they can be.


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“To support a woman and her partner into a pregnancy & birthing journey without fear, is my true role as a doula.” Ellen Turchini