Your birth, your way



let me tell you a little bit about myself.

“To support a woman and her partner into a pregnancy & birthing journey without fear, is my true role as a doula.” Ellen Turchini

I am a busy mother of three children. Following the birth of my third child, I started to reflect on parenthood and the journey I had taken to get where I am. What I started to realise is that parenthood starts long before you hold that baby in your arms. Pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing experience, both physically and emotionally and the fear and anxiety often associated with it has a true and lasting effect on both labour and parenting.

Having started my career as a social worker for women and children, and then moving into the corporate world of medical sales and marketing, I realised the massive gap that exists for women and families to navigate the medical system, birthing without fear and feeling supported. Through extensive research, I realised that a doula can help women and families to navigate themselves on this journey.

I trained with the Australian Doula College and since then have supported all sorts of birth. Working both within the private and public system, I help women and their families understand the choices and care that they are receiving. I am happy to attend medical appointments, refer on to other health professionals and work with you to make you feel confident and safe during your pregnancy and birth.

It is never too late or too early to contact me. I have started supporting women when they are 38 weeks pregnant and also when they are 6 weeks pregnant. Every woman is different and my care will be tailored to accommodate this.